We Have a Winner!

On on Monday 18th December, we all came together at the Crosswells Inn for this year's Santa's a Gangster draw. So many people came out to support the event; Friends, Family, Traders and the local community. It was a fantastic evening with BuzBeats Radio entertaining the crowds, before everyone dug deep, raising over £750 more for the appeal. Then the time came for the draw, and to say it was emotional would be an understatement. Jims Widow, Louise and son, Tom were invited on to the stage to draw the winning ticket and give away the buggy that Jim never got to build for himself. The Tombola was spun, the ticket was picked and the lucky winner was ................ Jason Wigley! Jason is on holiday at the momment and honestly thought it was a wind-up when he heard the news. Well done Jason!

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Previous Events!

Castle Donington Classic Vehicle Owners are having a meet on Saturday 11th November. Pop along to the Hub and you can purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win the Joker Buggy or drop off and donate a toy!


Roly Poly Eats in Pershore is once again supporting us aand making our mouthes water with an amazing Joker Burger! You can tuck in until Sunday 12th November, content in the knowledge you're helping at the same time.


Pop along to the NEC Classic Car Show over the 11th and 12th November and not only will you be able to see the Joker Buggy in person but also buy raffle tickets for £5 each to be in with a chance of winning it.


It's the Santa Voodoo's Christmas Gift Fayre at the Crosswells Inn on Langley High Street on Saturday 11th November, so why not pop long, get a start on your Christmas Shopping and support Santa's a Gangster.


Head to the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry on Saturday 25th November for the Winter Dubland Christmas Fayre. There will be a dub display, market stalls, music and much, much more and it's FREE to get in.


On Saturday 18th November, Volksmagic and the Joker Buggy will be taking part in the Langley Lights switch on. There will be a Santa's grotto, mascots, street performers and a whole lot more besides.


Make your way to ASDA West Bridgford on Saturday 25th November between 10am and 2pm and join The Bug Barn for a day of fun and collecting for Santa's a Gangster; all donations welcome!

Why So Serious?

Ok, let me explain how it all started; It is such a simple concept really and all started from one boy and one girl toy! Each year my wife and I would buy a couple of toys and then donate them to whoever was collecting that year. One year it was BRMB, the next it was West Brom building society and so on. Then, my wife’s workplace held a collection for a local family centre, so we joined in.

I mentioned this at work (VolksMagic), and everyone wanted to donate, so in came the gifts, and then a few more and then even more as the word spread via family, friends, and our work contacts. Boo Lewis and his fantastic VW crew then came on board and started collecting for us and held an auction in a local pub which was a huge success.

We decided to make it a regular thing and Santa’s A Gangster was born! Yes, I know it’s an unusual name, but it suits everyone involved with the project. Our collections come from far and wide and encompasses the VW community. A few years later, I was introduced to Operation Santa, where I instantly felt the warmth connection and passion from Eileen Fielding and her colleagues. We put our heads together and have worked hard to make it what it is today.

The help and support along the way has been amazing and each year, we launch the event at the VDubs in the Valley show, which is owned and operated by Garry Beerbuz Aulton and his wife Hayley. Not only do they host a Christmas party for us, but they also run a reverse Santa (where you bring the gifts to fill the raffle car) and auction off a host of gifts that are donated by their many generous traders.

As it has grown, Gary and Bill became ambassadors to Santa’s A Gangster and this year we have welcomed Lee Ashbourne to the team who is going to be dealing with the Techie side of things whilst ensuring his WVVW group are kept busy collecting toys and raising essential funds.  None of this would be possible without you though, and we welcome you all, regardless of your reason; our network is nothing without you!

A penny or a pound, a bar of soap or a pallet of shower gel; we have had it all and believe me every single donation makes a difference. We will be keeping this site updated over the coming weeks and months, adding details of drop-off points for donations, special fund-raising events and so much more, so make sure you keep on popping back!

As always, this year’s raffle will be held at the Crosswells Pub on Whyley Walk in Oldbury, where Paul and Tina Archer always make us welcome. Thankfully, COVID restrictions are a thing of the past, so we can make a real night of it and celebrate in style, just like we used to!

Thanks in advance - Magic & Co.

Magic and Jim
Magic & Jim
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Jim Cousins R.I.P
Jims Final Cruise

Yes, he checked out in November 2019 and headed to a galaxy far, far away and we so miss him. Jim and Louise have been a massive part of Santa’s a Gangster from day one, not only sorting out advertising and  printing, but also being a huge collection point for us. This years car give away is that little bit more special because it was actually Jims own buggy, kindly donated by his family, and when you see it, you won't believe your eyes!

Louise has carried on helping, collecting, and promoting; She’s a true super star!

Magic & Co x

Santa's A Gangster

Who are VolksMagic?

VolksMagic are an established and well respected VW based restoration and custom workshop based in Oldbury, West Midlands, near junction 2 of the M5 motorway.

VDubs in the Valley Logo
V dubs in the Valley

V Dubs in the valley is Bridgnorth's VW show, combining live music, stunning dubs and beautiful scooters with that chilled out family vibe of a traditional VW show.

Jims Final Cruise
Jims Final cruise

Jim Cousins was one of Santa's a Gangster's biggest supporters and whilst he is sadly no longer with us, his spirit rides on in everything we do and he will neve be forgotten.

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People That Helped Make The Magic Happen

  • Ade Morris
  • Bozz
  • Drew
  • Natalie Lewis
  • The Sheriff of Oldbury
  • Alf Cook
  • Brad
  • Hot Rod Steve
  • Nick Howell
  • Wee Magic
  • Billy the Elf
  • Dep
  • Lucky Lewis
  • Patrick Jones

Where to find us ....

* You can enter the draw to be in with a chance of winning the Joker Buggy by writing to us and requesting a free postal entry.